top ten

TOP TEN is a series of 26-minute programmes featuring the top ten moments around a certain theme. This could be the greatest cycling falls, most spectacular car crashes, worst anthem singers, the angriest or most embarrassing athlete moments. The possibilities are endless and Eurosport s production is imaginative! TOP TEN is broadcast four times a year.


GIWARS sees teams go head to head in a series of physical and entertaining challenges such as the Aquatic Mat Dash and No-Hands Vaulting Horse.

This Japanese show will be broadcast on Friday evenings on Eurosport and Thursday evenings on Eurosport 2.

* Rights to be confirmed


Launched in 2001, WATTS is one of the most popular programmes on Eurosport.

In 2013 it will continue its compilation of the funniest, craziest and most remarkable moments in the world of sport with a selected original soundtrack.

Tennis, football, extreme sports, skiing or cycling: all sports create moments of intense emotion including humour and WATTS brings them all together.

broadcast: 15 minutes every Monday, 1-hour Best Of once a month on Tuesday.