FIGHT SPORTS 300h o u r s Eurosport s fighting spirit will see boxing and kick-boxing action on-air in 2013 with Fight Club also showcasing a wide range of fighting disciplines.

boxing bigger s better series

The third season of Bigger s Better runs from February to December 2013. Launched in 2011, the series includes eight tournaments and features a unique format in boxing.

Each tournament features eight heavyweight professional boxers from eight different nationalities battling it out in a unique three-round match tournament all in one night. Following a simple knock-out format (quarter-finals, semi-finals, final), the winner takes up to $15,000 in prize money.

Bigger s Better fights are intense and spectacular as boxers look for that crucial KO to take them through to the next round without sapping their energy. There are no weight categories in Bigger s Better, meaning fighters from between 82 kg (minimum weight) and 130 kg could be pitted against each other.

Is bigger always better? Tune in and find out in 2013!

The winner of each tournament goes through to the season climax: Bigger s Better King in December 2013.